Referral Program

Share your referral link or code with friends and family to receive a $10 credit (there's no limit - e.g., if you refer 10 people, you'll receive $100!).

You can find your referral link and referral code on your account page here!

Once their order has been delivered, you will receive an email with your $10 off promo code to use at checkout. You can also track your referral rewards in your account using the link above.


Redeeming Referral Codes:

To redeem your referral code, enter the code you have received in the "Promo Code" box at checkout. You can use the same code twice to get $10 off on each of your first two orders. If you see promo code "FIRST10" automatically applied to the order at checkout and you wish to redeem your friend's referral code, please replace the promo code with your referral code.


Receiving Credit for Referral:

If a friend used your referral code to place an order, you'll receive your credit within a few days of your friend/family member’s order being delivered, your account will be credited with your referral reward code. You can find these on your account page here!

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