Account and Login Preferences

Forgot or Need to Reset Password

You can reset your password by simply clicking "Forgot password?" on the login page! You will then be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

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Changing Your Email Address

Please email us at and we'll happily assist you with changing your email address!

Unsubscribe or Resubscribe to Emails and Texts


Emails: To unsubscribe from emails, simply scroll to the bottom of one of your marketing Shef emails and hit the unsubscribe button. Please do not click unsubscribe on your delivery day emails as that will unsubscribe you from receiving order-related emails. 


Texts: To unsubscribe from texts, please send us an email at and let us know the phone number to unsubscribe from text messages. Alternatively, you can also text back "Stop" to be automatically unsubscribed from texts. 



Please send us an email to and let us know if you'd like to be resubscribed to texts or emails we'll happily assist you in resubscribing to our communications!

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